Dear Friends,

I am happy that you are planning an outing on the Friendship II.

The crew and I will do everything possible to make your cruise an enjoyable experience. In the Brochure, I have attempted to answer the usual questions that people ask regarding our charter service.



. A complete kitchen including electric range, microwave, refrigerator and freezer.

. A large ice machine.

. Large outdoor charcoal grill, upon request. NO PROPANE ALLOWED.

. Music system available. DJs and bands are welcome to use them.

. Bar area includes Pepsi fountain, keg beverage boxes.

. Men and women’s restrooms.


Rental fee for the boat is $750 and includes 24 guests.  Each additional guest will be $30 per guest. The boat hold 150 people. Deposit is $350 and must be paid to confirm reservation of the boat. The balance of $400 plus charges for each additional guest ($30 each over 24 guests) must be paid on the day of the cruise ONLY ON CASH OR MONEY ORDER. Deposit may be paid online at time of making reservation with $ 10 processing fee or at The Friendship Boat, on 99 West Ramp Road, Ridgeland MS, 39157. Contract can be email at:  0r Contracts can be mailed to Friendship Boat, 381 St. Augustine Drive, Madison MS. 39110.


Time periods for Cruise

Day Cruises begin at 12 pm and end at 4 pm. Evening cruise begin at 6 pm and end at 10 pm.


You or Your Caterers, Band Members and DJ can arrive one (1) hour early to set up food and equipment. You and Caterers are welcome to use our kitchen equipment and outdoor grill. You, your DJ and Band members are welcome to use our sound system or bring their own.


Food Services

Even though we do not prepare and serve food, patrons may use our cooking facilities or have caterers come aboard to serve their guests. We are asked to clean up after the function is over. Caterers, waiters, bartender or DJ count as part of your 24, guests. 


Compliance information

The Friendship II has been examined and certified by Acosta Marine Services from New Orleans, Louisiana and meets the most stringent U.S. Coast Guard requirements. The vessel has also been issued permits from the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Department and the Ross Barnett Reservoir Authorities. A Licensed Capitan and experienced crew are always on board.  

Reservations Procedures

Mrs. Nancy Sanchez is our reservation agent you can call at 601-862-3569 and will help you as much as possible. Once you have a date you may contact, Mrs. Nancy for availability and make you reservation, and your deposit of $350 Dollars.  YOU CAN ALSO VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT

At our website, you’ll be able to find a day’s available, as well to pay your deposit of $350 dollars with a $10 processing fee. Remember you can also call Nancy to confirm and verify that your day in not available, at: 601-862-3569.  A Deposit of $350 is required in order for you to make your reservation.  


Refund Policy

Renter must cancel the ride within a 90-day notice, to get a full refund. Cancellations due to weather conditions or mechanical failure, will be able to reschedule the ride. Prohibited Activities. Renter shall not violate any of the following rules and regulations during his/her operation of the Boat:


Other Terms

Security. Renter will be charged for a professional security guard from time first guest boards boat until 30 minutes after last guest leaves for parties over 30 guests. Friendship Corporation reserves the right to require a professional security guard for any size party.


• No weapons of any kind can be brought onboard.    

• Smoking is only allowed in designated areas while in the Boat. 


• Alcoholic beverages permitted to be consumed by individuals 21 or above in the Boat. Friendship Corporation reserves the right to inspect any coolers, bags or other containers belonging to the Renter or any of Renter’s passengers. 


• No illegal drugs of any kind can be brought onboard. 


• No high-heels, “spike” heel, or stiletto heels are any heels higher than 1⁄2 inch are allowed for any guests. 


• There are no pets permitted in the Boat. 


• There is no fishing permitted from the Boat, and no swimming permitted for Renter or Renter’s passengers during their operation or use of the Boat.

We hope this has been of some help to you and your group. If you have further questions, please call or visit:



PHONE # 601-862-3569